Best Mattress for Overweight Couple UK

For good sound sleep, It is very crucial to have the right kind of mattress. A buyer must bear some vital aspects (discussed in this article) before any final decision. If you are here for finding the Best Mattresses for Overweight Couple, this article will put you on the right track. Let’s get started.

It is true that not every mattress is essentially suitable for an overweight sleeper. People buy new mattresses for various purposes such as – back pain, joint pain, etc. while others want to make their sleep cool, and so on. But most of the time, even after, they are not able to solve such problems. They end up blaming the mattress for being not suitable.

Instead, they must consider their sleeping position and mattress firmness first. It is because these two aspects are the game-changer. We mean that this decides your sleeping experience. We are assuming that a sleeper weight lies within 230 lbs to 500 lbs.

Best Mattress for Overweight Couple UK

Mattress Firmness: Companies always mention the degree of firmness with the mattress presentation. Firmness is basically a subjective term and varies from person to person. When someone feels the mattress for the first time, touches and sit on it. The senses decide what firmness it has. As we said before, it varies from person to person. if some say medium-firm then others say firm or very firm. Putting it concisely, if you are an overweight person, you must decide not to go with a soft/plush mattress. It is better to choose from medium-firm to firm otherwise, later will complain about having aches/pains and so on.

You must buy from medium-firm to firm based on how heavy you are. One can also expect additional inbuilt mattress features like skin-friendly, offer a healthy sleeping environment ( prevention of dust bacterial, etc), motion isolation, and so on. On seeing such situations, Mattress manufacturing Companies fabricate different quality mattresses at different prices.

Sleeping Position: This is also another indispensable factor. Let me ask you first and answer it along? Are you a stomach sleeper? if yes, then, try to have a firm to very firm (variable to condition). Why? for example– If you are having a soft or medium-firm mattress and when you lie down on your stomach. This position put huge pressure on the middle part of the mattress and the mattress sink down so much. If we see closely, this is actually distorting your sleeping posture. Your middle body part sinks down and your neck and legs are up to a level. This causing strain of the back, neck, shoulder, and other parts.

In the case of a side sleeper, again sleeping posture should be erect. A mattress should not be plush/soft type for overweight couples. Your lower, middle, upper body parts should be in the line. Yes, you can take the help soft pillow to maintain the shoulder level. All in all, we suggest you take the mattress that supports both sleeping positions stomach as well as side sleepers. One or two listed below.

The choices are so many that it becomes cumbersome to pick the right mattress we need. Here in this article, we have listed the best mattress for those who are a bit bigger than average sleepers. Equipped with specific Special Features of Mattress, We have picked some of the mattresses out of many. These all having excellent Genuine feedback and star ratings from customers that you never neglect. We recommend you to take your time and compare the features of mattresses before final buy.

Inofia Double Mattresses Memory Foam and Spring Hybrid Mattress,7-zone For Obese/Heavy couple UK

Sold To: 100+ Customers |Satisfaction Ratings: 4.6/5 Excellent | Material: Memory Foam and Spring Hybrid | Sizes: Double, King | Firmness: Medium-Firm to Firm | Best Sleep Position: Stomach, Side Sleepers, Back Sleepers| Warranty: Full Return Policy + 100 days Free Trial

best hybrid mattress for obese couple UK

Special Key Features

  • A very well made Medium-Firm to Firm mattress. Genuinely made for overweight sleepers and to prevent back problems.
  • Made up of seven layers to offer perfect comfort to sleepers. Gives the right support where needed to keep the body properly aligned.
  • To ensure consistent performance in every season, it is fabricated with Barrel-type spring and Carbon fiber fabric to regulate the right temperature and durability as per the surroundings.
  • Spring moves independently thus Motion isolated. It does not let your partner feel tossing and turning.
  • Very good Support base foundation. It’s seven zone construction makes it special and suitable for heavy people and all types of sleeping positions.
  • Stable, durable, high elasticity in springs, a Medium-firm to firm mattress does not easily deform regardless of the sleeping position.
  • Hygroscopic and Breathable fiber, certified, antibacterial, deodorizing, overall a luxury feel.
  • See Details More…


  • Very comfortable, Suitable for all sleeping positions. A Great choice mattress for heavy couples.
  • Supports head to toe. Resolves back issues.
  • Hybrid and Every season mattress, consistent performance.


  • Not for underweight people.

Summary (Our Honest Opinion): An every season mattress most suitable for heavy couples available at a very affordable price. Incredible features and made of 7 zone spring with durable base support perfect in alleviating the back issues. The best part about this mattress that emphasizes people to go for it is — It comes up with a 100-day trial and full refund policy. Worth buying a real competitor of other expensive mattresses over 800 pounds.

Dormeo Options Hybrid Firmness Medium/Firm Heavy People

Sold To: 160+ Customers |Satisfaction Ratings: 4.6/5 Excellent | Material: Memory Foam and Pocket Sprung Mattress | Sizes: Single, Double, King | Firmness: Medium-Firm to firm | Best Sleep Position: Stomach, Side Sleepers, Back Sleepers| Warranty: Box contains 1-year guarantee

best mattress for heavy couples uk

Special Key Features

  • Perfect Support to heavy people.
  • Cool & breathable airmesh sides with Optimum breathability
  • Enhancing constant air circulation throughout the mattress.
  • Luxurious memory foam plus individual springs
  • Perfect support with less transfer of movement.
  • Experience One mattress with foam and traditional pocket springs.
  • Cleverly moulds to every contour of your body
  • Deliver restful and supportive sleep right
  • Unique non-slip material ensures the mattress never moves.
  • See Details More…


  • Suitable for all types of sleepers and a great way to disappears body aches.
  • Hybrid+ Pocket springs for great durability, longevity, and supportive thought the seasons.


  • Does not find any genuinely suitable (Updated soon…)

Summary (Our Honest Opinion): This mattress has acquired the position in our top sorted out list of the best mattress for overweight couples. Reasons are several but three are prominent. Firstly, it’s an excellent hybrid quality pocket springs product very comfortable and supportive at an affordable price. Secondly, It returns you the cost of every single penny exactly what you have spent. Lastly, it prevents body aches and pain often overweight people complain about. Overall, a must-buy product with a 1-year guarantee+ e-commerce site full refund policy. You won’t be disappointed with your purchase. A recommended product.

DURA TRIBE firm feel Mattress for Overweight Couple UK

Sold To: 150+ Customers | Satisfaction Ratings: 4.5/5 Excellent | Material: Memory Foam | Available Sizes: Small and EU Single, Double, Small and EU Double, King | Firmness: Firm | Best Sleep Position: Stomach, Side Sleepers, Back Sleepers | Warranty: Full Return Policy

best mattress for obese couple

Special Key Features

  • An Ideal Firm Support for fat couples.
  • Deep orthopaedic memory foam mattress
  • Moulds itself to body shape and relieves pressure.
  • Provides comfort by distributing body weight evenly.
  • Helps to Declines stress and back pain.
  • Beautiful knitted 100% polyester cover.
  • Resistance form Dust mite, bacteria. a healthy sleeping environment
  • Okeo-Tex Standard 100 certified fabric
  • Fabric assures that skin will not be exposed to harmful substances.
  • No-turn and non-spring silent mattress
  • With Orthopaedic and Hypoallergenic features.
  • Improves air circulation to help regulate body temperature.
  • Suitable for all types of standard bed bases including bunk beds.
  • See Details More…


  • Orthopedic mattress and suitable for all sleeping positions (stomach, side, and front).
  • Perfect to resolve back issues.


  • Not for those who are lightweight and may not for average weight.

Summary (Our Honest Opinion): A good value mattress very comfortable and firm. Highly recommended in terms of cost, back problems, maintains proper posture and supports equally head to toe as it is an orthopedic mattress. Features like great Durability, hypoallergenic, protection from dust, and mites makes it special than other firm mattresses. Overall, Great mattress to maintain an excellent sleeping environment, ideal for back problems + e-commerce site full refund policy. Worth to buy.

Inofia Two Sided Flippable Mattress for Different Weight Couples uk

Sold To: 80+ Customers |Satisfaction Ratings: 4.6/5 Excellent | Material: Memory Foam | Sizes: 120 x 190 cm, 135 x 190 | Firmness: Medium-Firm | Best Sleep Position: Stomach, Side Sleepers, Back Sleepers | Warranty: Full Return Policy

best mattress for heavy and light couple uk

Special Key Features

  • Ideal Flippable mattress– One side medium-firm feel other is firm.
  • incredible comfortable fit for side, back, and stomach sleepers alike.
  • A mattress made up of 7 zones where the mattress core made of high resilience foam.
  • Delivers the best support from head to toe.
  • Serves comfort to upper body parts very well-head, shoulder, lumbar, pelvic, and below areas thigh, lower leg, and foot zone.
  • So good designed with a characteristic of ventilation and temperature insensitive (changing climate does not affect the mattress performance).
  • materials are certified by the label Textiles Trust according to OEKO-Tex Standard 100.
  • See Details More…


  • Flippable Quality product, suitable for people having back pain and Versatility
  • Comfortable, perfect for all types of sleepers.


  • Not find any good reason (Updated soon…)

Summary (Our Honest Opinion): A very good mattress with a flip-able feature to make it suitable for all types of sleepers. Say bye-bye to neck, shoulder, backaches/pain. Comfortable, supportive, and just all-around great! This mattress is never less than other expensive mattresses you see in the market with similar features considering the overall performance. All in All, almost impossible to overlook, and again highly recommended this versatile mattress + e-commerce site full refund policy.

Molblly Memory Foam Medium Firm Mattress for Heavy Sleepers

Sold To: 295+ Customers |Satisfaction Ratings: 4.7/5 Brilliant | Material: Memory Foam  Sizes: Single, Small Double, Double| Firmness: Medium-firm | Best Sleep Position: Stomach, Side Sleepers | Warranty: 10 years warranty

best mattress for heavy person uk

Special Key Features

  • An excellent mattress for heavy sleepers with several needed features.
  • High-quality product with an ideal base support, use of several layers.
  • Bed Foams are designed with the best material, use of advanced sleep technology.
  • Great air circulation to prevent moisture caused by the years.
  • Breathable, skin-friendly fabrics provide ideal sleeping experience and temperature.
  • Distribute weight evenly, relieve pressure from various body parts.
  • The maximum absorption of partner motion prevents tossing and turning.
  • Soft Top Fabric, Fire Resistant Barrier, Skin-friendly Durable mattress.
  • See Details More…


  • A perfect mattress with several essential features.
  • Decline and sort-out back, hip issues.
  • Affordable, comfortable, supportive, excellent quality.


  • Not for Front sleepers.
  • Not for Light-Weight People

Summary (Our Honest Opinion): Another mattress with excellent customer satisfaction ratings. A mattress to have a wonderful night’s sleep. So good to sleep, brings ideal sleeping experience, alleviates back, hip pain, supportive with several other essential features that hardly together find in others countless mattresses. Good mattress at a good price with a year warranty + e-commerce site full refund policy. Overall, definitely, It’s a good purchase. a right quality product with justifying price.

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