Corner Desk Vs Straight Desk -Which is Better?

Computer desks are high in demand. You can see them almost everywhere in the office, at home for study, work, and gaming purposes. It is a kind of furniture where its absence genuinely makes you feel incomplete. The right decision of the right piece of furniture makes the deal worth it.

The reason you need a desk is, at other places like a sofa, bed, you cannot sit so conveniently or in similar situations where you cannot achieve a proper height straight right to the eyes. In addition to this, sometimes you work closer to the laptop screen far away. You lose your proper positioning, which adds pressure on muscles. However, If you have a desktop PC, it’s totally ridiculous to think work without a desk.

Corner desks are a good investment if you don’t overshoot your budget. If you research the options that you can afford, nothing defeats to improves the work and gaming experience.

Here’s everything you need to know before you decide.

Why Do You Need Desks?

It’s obvious to have more work productivity and healthy sitting, you need a good ergonomic chair and a well-facilitated desk. Both allow you to sit comfortably and care of your health. You sit in the right posture. A right sitting arrangement and proper distance protect your eyesight in a long run. You are not playing foul with your health and preventing health from deteriorating. For long working duration and for years, desks are sure you need. No matter which age group you belong to. It is equally helpful.

On seeing, scratch, water resistance like prominent valuable desk features has made high demand. They are used at every place and for multi-purposes. Computer desks are not limited to school and offices wherever you go no matter whether private or governmental premises you will computer desk everywhere.

Along with this, different shapes are introduced by the manufacturer based on the circumstances. For example- for massive gaming setups few users expect to have a good dimensioning desk rather than a short one.

Where To Use Straight Desk

Straight desks are mostly preferred and utilized for work and study purposes compared to gaming. They do not require extra effort to install. These straight desks often have clear instructions and are the easiest to set up so far I have seen. They have a simple elegant design.

The reason for being so trendy is that they are flexible with your requirement. You can easily replace them along with the wall window and put them at any angle and even in the middle space.

home office straight desk
Example of straight home Office Work Desk

However, for more provisions, users hope to have maximum item-keeping drawers, a keyboard placing tray. A special space to preserve items and additional computer peripherals like a printer, fax machine, etc. They are no so heavy but the fact that average to more weight brings adequate stability, weight-bearing capacity.

They are not with much space but different ergonomic width sizes specifications are available. That can be identified as a fairly large desk. Yes, they are a majority in a sale as they are considered as space-saving furniture, and are of not high cost except electric standing desks.

Some are for office, home use, don’t want to invest more. They keep their budget limited. So, they more look for straight desks.

For game-playing users, they are in quest of Z shape some good options with attractive matching color designing. They are light in weight and have good weight holding capacity as compare to the normally used desks. This goes perfectly with not huge gaming setups. However, frame metal quality varies with the cost of spending.

Folding Desks

Almost all folding desks are available in straight form. The most prominent benefit is it does not require assemble and have more space feature. However, they are limited weight-bearing capacity and plenty of space is also an issue.

These are mostly used in homes and office corners for single-person use. They are at a very low cost.

They are regarded as the most simplest and practical computer tables that do not take much home space. This is the choice for young children, parents who don’t want to spend expensive but use for study, writing with solid features.

Electric Standing Desks

Electric standing desks are expensive as they are operated with the help of an electric motor. Everything is on your fingertips with a single click you can lift the desk height according to yourself.

This type of desk originally is purchased by those sort of users who stick to work for 8 to 9 hours. They devote time without having many breaks. In this case, sitting for so long is definitely not good. So, they buy an electric standing desk. Such standing desks can be utilized or allow to work in both sit and standing modes. These types of desks generally have an outstanding service life.

However, some standing computer desks are operated manually with height adjustable features. They are lost cost desks and also called sit-stand desktop standing desk.

Where To Use L Shaped Corner Desk

Corner desks are more appreciated for space features. Space you need for placing plenty of peripherals. These work best to have a mixture of work and gaming. They will cost you around 100+ pounds approximately. The reason for being more costly than a straight desk is some desks include all straight desk features with the additional cable management, keyboard tray, drawers, monitor stand, CPU cabinet features. A perfect item for serious gamers.

Corner Desks
Example of Corner Desks features

Moreover, they are more stable, sturdy have strong legs, and are designed to distribute the weight evenly. At a minimum, they can accommodate 4 monitors very easily which cannot see in the case of straight desks.

However, assemble is a time taking process, unlike a straight desk. You should not buy a Corner desk if you do have not adequate space to keep it, otherwise, This makes your room clumsy. They are heavy and difficult to move every time and preferred to place in a situation where not more walk around. Being more in weight, a very large solid desk so 2 people required to move them.

They are worth it as even I have one. I keep my work files and gaming setup in one place. Just like straight desks, these are also of different dimensions. You can modify by splitting them from the middle and even use them as separate two tables. In addition to this, corner L shape desks can also be changed into U shape depending upon the requirement.

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Pros and Cons of Corner L Shape and Straight Desk

Each one has pros and cons. If we compare both, with certain characteristics one overtakes the other with the rising cost. All you need to calculate your needs. It should meet your expectations. It is always advisable to look and match specifications with room space. The desk must have broad width with plenty of features.

This is another aspect you should aware of. It is a life service. This includes the warranty or parts replacement. Generally, both straight and corner desks go well with time sometimes, even with full policy especially, by chance, a part needs a replacement, you have to have a choice.

You should always have flexibility.

Straight Desk

  1. Takes No to Less time to assemble
  2. Low cost desks
  3. Light in weight
  4. Not for huge setups.
  5. More good for small home and office space.
  6. Easy to Move around Places.
  7. Available in Z and X Shape.
  8. More Color and Design Choices.

Corner L Shape desk

  1. Good To place plenty of pheripherals.
  2. More Broaden Width than Straight desks.
  3. Not Easy to Move everytime.
  4. Assembly is not easy.
  5. Spilt and turn into 2 tables seprately.
  6. More stable, strong legs and sturdy.
  7. Ideal choice for Gaming purposes.

Conclusion: Which One is Better Corner Desk or A Straight Desk

Deciding which comes out on the top corner or straight desk is not an easy feast. The manufacturers are focusing more on target demand improving specs and features.

Corner desks pull ahead when it comes to width space and stability, but straight desks offer flexibility to move, place anywhere in home and office. Both desks improve overall gaming and work experience with plenty of features, but Audi has poorer reliability in large setups for gaming. Price-wise, both are available from low cost to high cost with a difference of features with a warranty or parts replacement.

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I and We Team of Professionals with writers & editors, helps you in buying the best regularly used products. We have a massive experience of nearly a decade. Many of us have tested and reviewed hundreds of market products of gaming, Chairs, desk, electronic products, machines, etc. We love to write detailed explanations of what makes the difference. Out of the box. We all are college friends. B.Tech, M.Tech qualified.