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No matter in which profession you are working in. Every profession needs your time. Usually, professionals spend 8 to 9 hours every day may be more than that. It’s true, It is impossible to sit in the same postures from a few minutes to hours. This definitely demands the healthy Office Chair with several essential adjustments.

Footrest office chairs are office chairs with an extra footrest. It provides the added comfort of being able to rest your feet on a stable surface while seated in your office chair, which can be particularly useful if you work many hours each day at a computer like most office workers do. Footrest office chairs are often adjustable so that they can be used with office tables of a variety of heights.

Having comfortable sitting allows you to focus on your important regular work. Thus, a chair should be like one of those which looks elegant and but also fulfill more than your needs. If you are here for finding the Best Reclining Office Chair UK, this article is perfectly suitable for you. You need not to go anywhere else.

Why Get Reclining Office Chair?

If you spend a lot of time sitting on office chairs every day, it is very important that your office chair has a footrest to support your legs. This way you will avoid problems like leg pain and cramps when you are sitting for long hours in office chairs.

This solution provides extra comfort because it allows people to change their feet rest position while maintaining the same posture they were using before by leaning back in their office chair or moving their office chair forward if necessary.

Footrest Office Chairs are perfect for any office environment where employees have to sit at their desks all day long, and office chairs is a must in all office desks and office spaces.

Office furniture like office chairs with footrests allow employees to remain productive, focused and comfortable throughout the work day, avoiding muscle stiffness and discomfort that arises from sitting for extended periods of time without any rest or change of position.

Best Reclining Office Chair UK

We have listed the Best Reclining footrest office chairs having multiple adjust abilities and have appreciable positive customer ratings and reviews. We recommend you to take time, read review and compare the following chairs one by one.

SHIOO Footrest Chair

reclining office chair with footrest uk

Best Budget Ergonomic

Firstly, the feature we like in this chair is multiplied adjustment accessibility and weight-bearing roller casters. Making it more clear, I am a quite big person whereas my wife is not huge as of me when we purchased this chair, this remains suitable for both of us.

Multiple adaptabilities such as height, head, back support, armrest adjustment is a solution and allow us to set up according to our choice. My upper body part is heavy enough, if I just sit down on the pushing back backrest is obvious. In that case, I think this is a really appreciate this unique feature of high back reclining this chair. However, we suppose this remains unsuitable from a taller height perspective more than 6 feet and 1 inch.

Secondly, having a warranty in a particular period of time I think is really a blessing. It brings peace of mind. This chair is with 3 years of warranty and zero profit accessories. Lastly, SHIOO chair in the market with 3 different sizes. Picking a footrest office chair is equivalent to making yourself more comfortable. You can stretch the foot-rest recliner chair maximum to 35 degrees and put yourself in a more comfortable resting focusing position at the same time.

IntimaTe WM Heart 

best ergonomic reclining office chair

Best Leather Ergonomic

If you are from those who want to avail more luxury feel and comfort then this chair is most probably suitable for you. It is well designed with extra padded to offer optimum conveniences.

This is the second-best choice we have after the SHIOO ergonomic office chair, it gives you a boss-like feeling, so designed to throw good impression on others relatively well than the SHIOO chair. We were not more inclined to feel like a luxury, supervisor. In the end, we made another choice.

Moreover, this office chair cushions seat is not easy to deform, yet soft but strongly built. Commonly happenings that chair often lost seat quality after several regular uses. Good stitching of leather, headrest, and neck cushion prevents you from having excessive strain which other are chairs lacking with.

A good choice office chair for those who want to work for longer hours but you have a limitation that chair seat and backrest together recline and they are not independent of each other. Apart from this, purchasers say depending upon the bodyweight footrest may or may not be capable of accommodating to that level because of huge foot pressure.


best reclining office chair with lumbar support

Best Massage Lumbar Support

This is another footrest office chair you can go for to make yourself more relax with a massage facility. Not only good in design and quality but make you personalize feeling while sitting sleeping or playing games. Some users love to have a massage feature along with tilting adjustability to enjoy absolute 5-star luxury. If you want a fair price footrest chair then this can be a good option.

Moreover, we love its excellent design concept, use of grade material, and addition of  2 years of warranty. This makes it special for us. However, weight-bearing capacity claims to be 150 kilo but users find it only limited to 100 kg exactly after than chair starts squeaking noise.

Furthermore, just like the other two chairs, this one is also having good lumbar support that readily accommodates your body posture allow you to stay a convenient for long duration. This chair award you a professional smart working executive look at work but the leather fabric does not have the feature of breathability just like SHIOO office chair has.

Best Fully Reclining

There are several features included with this ACMELIFE chair that can prevent these issues from arising. The back reclining and lumbar support allow the user to maintain proper posture, as well as encourage good circulation throughout the body. However, it is not with a footrest.

The headrest is designed to reduce discomfort resulting from incorrect posture or bad lighting. It also provides additional support for the head and neck when leaning back in the chair or sitting up straight to work at a desk.

Some of the most common issues associated with spending too much time in an office environment are back pain, difficulty focusing on work this fully reclining to 135 degrees office chair helps you to a maximum.

Whether you’re looking for a chair that will help combat the health problems that result from sitting all day, or just looking for something more comfortable than what’s typically found in your average office, ACMELIFE has a chair to suit your needs.

Comparison Table

Reclining ChairOverall HeightWeight CapacityWarranty (Year)
SHIOO Footrest107-117 cm136 KgThree years Warranty + Full Refund
IntimaTe WM Heart117-125 cm113 KgFull refund within 30 days
ELFORDSON102 ~ 112 cm150 Kg30 days of return, 12-month warranty
ACMELIFE106 ~ 124 cm150 Kg30 days of return

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Features To Look For

Reclining Office Chairs comes with a variety of features. Take a look at important ones.

Height Adjustable-

Every user is not like any other. Each one has its own height, weight, and body structure. We believe you should identify your overall body height and how fat you are? so as to take the final decision of what chair height you need. If you are tall enough, don’t worry. Chairs are available in the market that fulfills your requirement you can take a look at these tall people chairs (look at beginning of the article) that help you the most in finding out the best height adjustable chair.

Sweat depth-

This is the second key feature you should consider. A good chair should not deep enough. It should not be one of a kind that you sink in the chair. This feature is more crucial for people who are of shorter height. They may come across with the problem of moving/ shifting from one or the other side while sitting on the chair. Taller people also care about this feature, otherwise, you result in digging thighs.

Backrest height adjustment-

We recommend having a chair that equally supports the upper and lower Lumbar parts of the body. The backrest should be firm enough to accommodate as much as possible. Moreover, it is good to have a reclining feature including it. This aids you to easily discover the most convenient position by tilting the backrest to a particular angle. 

Reclining facility-

Some chairs have a reclining feature but cannot be locked at a particular position. Be careful about it. For example, I am one of a person who is overweight does not sit in a single position for a long time, and I have to change sitting direction/ positions. If you have a similar situation, the reclining feature helps the most. Most of the time I keep myself at 120 degrees to make myself more proficient in working.

Adjustable armrest-

Some purchasers have a believe that armrest does not play a good role. Their presence is not important but we recommend that you should have an armrest office chair. why is it so? A well-padded armrest delivers more comfortable resting arms and escapes from possible injuries.

Roller casters-

You should minimum have 5 roller base casters to move freely around the room without any hassle. It should be one of a kind that it does not scratch your floors. Verify on your behalf whether a carpet is needed or not to prevent scratches. To add on, more in number means more stability and support.

Reclining Office Chairs Questions/Answers

Are Reclining Chair Really Comfortable?

Of course, good footrest reclining chairs are quite comfortable when we compare with the regularly used simple tasks chair. Reclining chairs have the inclusion of several adjust abilities. You can easily adjust the headrest, armrest, seat height, backrest, etc. based upon the requirement. These kinds of chairs are mostly preferable by those who work, study, game for so long without taking a break. They find such chairs more comfortable in taking rest or nap or a short break without leaving a chair. For that, they just push back the backrest of a chair to improve posture, make the body straight line with the help of the footrest.

How Can I Make A Reclining Office Chair More Comfortable?

To make the reclining chair more comfortable, you should push back the backrest to an angle that relaxes you more and extends the footrest to keep your legs in good order. Generally, 120 degrees to 135 degrees is taken as a good angle to put yourself in a more relaxed position. However, it totally depends upon the body type. What kind of a user is using it? People who are slim enough, achieve a convenient position with a little backrest angle whereas huge ones carrying more bodyweight, turn the backrest of which chair to maximum angle.

Are Reclining Office Chairs Good?

Reclining office chairs are great for employees that need to recline during the day, but don’t want to recline all the way back. If you’re looking for a reclining office chair, look no further than right here. We have just what you’re looking for!

What Makes Reclining Office Chairs So Special?

Reclining office chairs come in different designs and colors, so there is one out there for everyone’s tastes. Recliners also help promote circulation so if your employees need this to be able to perform their duties at work, recliner office chairs are perfect for this and they will thank you later! The best part of reclining chairs is that they support and comfort while making sure the recliner will be back in the same position.

Where Can Reclining Office Chairs Be Used?

Reclining office chairs are great for both office and home use. Because recliners come in a variety of designs, they’re great for everyone’s tastes! If you’re working in a huge business with a lot of employees, recliners might also help promote the image that your company is looking out for their employees’ health and well being which can keep them happy and productive throughout the workday!

Reclining office chair is great means to recline at work without compromising on your performance. It allows you to relax during breaks or even when someone else wants your desk. They may have different features but one thing that remains same is reclining of the chair which makes it great for use.

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Damanpreet Singh owner of Finexo Enterprise UK runs an online expert review guide. We use shopping products regularly. We list the products we use. A few years back, we set up a workspace for our office. There we arranged office chairs, monitors, desks and plenty of furniture. During a setup, we have learned a lot and spent plenty of time on researching, testing, and reviewing. We have expertise in the furniture, electronics category. Our website is designed to help you with the best decision-making. We have discussed, what we achieve.