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In this complete review, we’ll take a closer look at the Comhoma office desk chair.

Quick Summary

In our opinion, the biggest selling point of this office chair is its low price. Although many customers feel satisfied with its quality, it should be noted that this chair is relatively basic and does not fit all sizes. It doesn’t offer any additional customizing settings like reclining capabilities or extra lumbar support. What it does give you is an affordable price.

If you’re not looking for anything flashy and just want a regular comfortable office chair for an average height, weight person to get the job done, then this might be the perfect option for you.


User-friendly: The Comhoma office desk chair is very easy to set up and use.

Work from home: With this chair, you can use it while working from home.

Perfect for short to average height people: At just 5-7 inches in height, the Comhoma office desk chair is perfect for those who are not very tall.

Sleek design: This chair has a sleek and compact design that gives it an elegant look.

Durable: This is one of the most durable chairs available as per the price you are paying for this chair.

Full Refund: Since it is sold with a 100% full refund policy, you can return the chair if you are unhappy with your purchase.

Space Saving: The Comhoma office desk chair is a compact and portable chair with flipable that will not consume much space in your office.


Limited color options: The Comhoma comes only in two different colors, which limits your options if you are looking for a specific color and design.

Uncomfortable: The chair is not very comfortable for some users because it does not have much customisation or extensive lumbar support for long hours sittings.

Seat Width: The seat is not very spacious, which may be somewhat uncomfortable for larger sized people.

Not suitable for tall people: Many users have complained that this chair is not suitable for those who are above six feet in height.

Lack of adjustability: There is no adjustable height option nor a multi-motion design, which makes this chair less comfortable for some users.

No Warranty: Despite being sold with a 100% full refund, the company so far does not offer any warranty or money back guarantee after 30 days.

What Real Customers Say- Complaints

The Comhoma office desk chair has received mixed reviews from most customers. Out of the 8000+ total reviews, more than 60% of them were positive while around 2% said that their chairs arrived with manufacturing defects. Around 20% complained that the chair did not full fill their expectations with the changing demands or circumstances.

A common complaint about this chair is that it is not sturdy or durable enough.

Overall, most users are impressed by the design, look, comfort level and user-friendliness of this chair.

If you want to buy a simple, easy to assemble office chair for your home, then the Comhoma is a good option. It has received mixed reviews from customers but it still manages to be one of the best-selling chairs on Amazon. You can check out more details about this product by visiting its official website here:

Comhoma Office Desk Chair Review

  1. Specifications
  2. Assembly
  3. Available Sizes
  4. Backrest
  5. Height Adjustable
  6. Armrest
  7. Price Range
  8. Casters
  9. Padding
  10. Lumbar Support
  11. Conclusion



Out of the box, this office chair does look very similar to most others. Almost all chairs follow the same structure and design, so you won’t have any issues putting it together. It comes with everything you need to assemble it – tools included.

Available Size and Weight Capacity:

The product information reviews page states that the maximum height for this chair supports is 5’11” and we believe that to be accurate. Unfortunately, if you’re someone who is significantly taller you may find this chair to be a bit small in terms of leg room.

The product information page also states that the maximum weight limit for this office chair is 300 lbs. which is relatively low compared to other chairs on the market today. If you’re much heavier than 300 lbs. we recommend choosing a different office chair.

Mesh Backrest:

One of the most unique features of this particular office chair is its mesh backrest. By allowing air to pass through, it helps keep you cool and comfortable even on hot days.

Height Adjustability:

The Comhoma office chair offers adjustable seat height which means you can quickly find a more comfortable position.

Adjustable Armrests:

The arm rests are fully adjustable so you can quickly find the most comfortable position for you.

Price Range:

This office chair is the most affordable option on this list of reviews which is definitely worth mentioning. It’s considered very basic but that doesn’t mean it can’t get the job done. If you’re on a budget, the Comhoma office chair is an excellent option.

Just keep in mind that it doesn’t have any extra features like reclining capabilities or extra lumbar support. If those are important to you, check out other best one’s.


The casters on the comhoma office chair are made of nylon smooth-rolling casters and tend to wear down after a good weight push while so we recommend using this chair on a carpet or mat. The casters also do not swivel very much beyond expectations so if you plan on rolling around in your office all day, this might not be the best option for you.


The padding on the comhoma office chair is relatively thin but still provides you with adequate comfort. This chair is generally we believe meant for shorter periods of use so if you plan on sitting in your office chair all day long, we recommend purchasing a different option.

Lumbar Support:  

There is no special lumbar support included with this chair so if you want extra lumbar support, we recommend purchasing a separate pillow to use with your office chair.


The Comhoma office desk chair is an affordable and sleek-looking option which has many benefits, but comes with a few drawbacks as well. However, if you are looking for just a simple and low price chair for your home or office that will take up very little space, this chair is an excellent choice.

Comhoma Office Desk Chair FAQ’s

Does this chair swivel?

Yes, the Comhoma office chair does feature a 360 degree swivel.

What is the recommended height for this comhoma office chair?

The recommended height for the Comhoma office chair is 5’2″-5’9″ and can hold up to 300 lbs. This means that if you’re shorter than 5’2″ you might find this chair to be a bit large while taller than 5’9″ may find it to be too small.

Is this chair good for a taller person/people?

The maximum height for this chair is 5’11” which means it’s not recommended for anyone over 5’11”. If you’re taller than 6’0″, we recommend choosing a different office chair.

How much does the Comhoma chair weigh?

This product weighs approximately 10 kg.

How wide is the seat on this chair?

The Comhoma office chair has a width of 18″ and a depth of 19″.

Can you adjust the arm rests in height on the Comhoma office chair?

Yes, you can adjust both up and down to find your most comfortable position.

Is there a warranty?

There is no warranty but a full refund within 90 days.

Is the seat cushion on the Comhoma office chair removable?

No, unfortunately you cannot remove the seat cushion. If it becomes worn down over time, you will need to replace it with a similar part.

Does this chair recline?  

This office chair does not have any reclining capabilities.

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