Gaming Chairs Actually Comfortable? Guide and Insights

Gaming chairs are specifically designed keeping comfortable and several adjust abilities on priority. To raise the level of comfort, plenty of features are added keeping the scientific view. This allows you to sit for longer hours. They practically identify how a game player sits, moves, or drags, and a lot more aspects.

However, you cannot refuse one important thing. With the advancement of comfortable seating arrangements, rising costs are very obvious. For example-When you evaluate performance and compare a 100 pounds gaming chair with the price of 200 or above, you can easily understand and notice a difference.

Comfort Comparison of Gaming Chairs

Comfort Comparison of Gaming Chairs

Sharing my own experience, when I first built my gaming PC last year, I didn’t have a gaming chair. I was running out of my budget. I basically upgraded my gaming PC to huge to play high-end graphic games. I have done this because I wanted to cover the advancement for the next coming 10 years.

At that moment I started using my dining table chair for playing games. I pre-assume that there is no such big difference between a simple chair and a specially made gaming chair.

The dining chair structure model is so simple that it is not wrong to say a regular normal chair we use in our daily life. For the first 6 to 7 days everything was going well. After that I started facing regular sitting problems, I had back pain and felt so uncomfortable. The seating arrangement was really so annoying. The reason because it is not with required ergonomic features.

 I utterly recognize that a simple dining table chair only works for me if I sit for a maximum of half an hour. But as of today I spend a lot of time, similarly at that time, it was an initial stage when I purchased my gaming PC, I was quite curious to play for longer hours. For longer game playing sessions it became essential for me to go for purchase.

 I thought As I have spent so much money developing and improving my gaming PC, why should I leave behind the essential part of it, the gaming Chair. I firmly believe purchasing a gaming chair at that moment is equivalent to an investment in health.

At that moment, I collected money from both my parents and made a purchase of a gaming chair under 100 pounds. No doubt it has no so many adjustments but it is still profitable at that moment when comparing it with a simple chair. I went through a variety of gaming chairs under a limited budget to compare the level of comfort each one has.

I also care about my overall height and body weight. It is because everyone has their own body type, the same formula can never be applicable to everyone. My height is 5’10” and my overall body weight is 90 kg. 

Based on these criteria I made a purchase. It’s been one year, even though I have got a new one, to improve my gaming experience. This doesn’t mean that the older one has broken down, it’s still working well providing a good service life.

Here is my new purchased gaming chair, if you want to look at the current price. You can Visit the link here.

 I am always specifically concerned if my body weight and height really accommodate the specification of the gaming chair. You should also care. If so, I also recommend you to go for a definite purchase.

Insights Really Make a Difference

As I said earlier, the more facilities you achieve, the more you have to pay. This is the real behaviour of every manufacturer. You might be wondering over here why I haven’t extended my budget beyond 200 pounds. If we talk about expanding the budget. I am not much with it.

I believe that it is not wise to spend excessively. You can have a multi-feature gaming chair even at a good price. More gaming Chair prices after needs only if you have an exceptional body type. Making it more clear, if you are tall enough or maybe a big fat guy. Then you have to spend more. Such as you can find an ANDA gaming chair here.

Performance and Ergonomic Features

Moving further explaining the practical difference, You can easily afford ergonomic design even at a cheap cost but when it comes to the improvement of sitting comfortably, tilting mechanism, high back lumbar cushion support, plays a role. Most of the gaming chairs only remain limited to raising the chair up and down vertically. They do not have flexibility.

Reclining Angle Mechanism

Ideally, as per the scientific study concerns, a reclining angle to 135 degrees is more than sufficient to put the user in the most comfortable position. Above 135 degrees works to be resting position. The angle at 135 degrees is sufficient enough to spend time sitting in one go.

Comfortable Ergonomic Features

Extra Padding

To offer the best possible comfort, more padding is added on the seat as well as on the armrest. All the above explain features together make exceptionally comfortable gaming chairs that promise to get rid of excessive fatigue, stress even after longer sitting. It is also more easy when a chair is provided with a headrest, footrest as well as lumbar cushion support. So, no chance of staying uncomfortable.

One thing I certainly want to explain over here is that scientifically as well as experimental, it is not recommended to stay in one particular position for longer hours. This basically decreases blood circulation and has a negative effect on overall health that may or may not be noticed.

Moving further, explaining my further new gaming chair purchase, I have done that after 8 months. You can now easily estimate how long I have been using this chair. 

If  I compare both of these chairs practically today, realise completely what the actual difference both of them have.

Gaming that is cheap in price has a limited comfortable level as it does not include a tilting reclining mechanism and other advanced features. Whereas, the expensive one not only includes all features of a cheap gaming chair but has resting, gaming, and working modes. What I mean to say is that it has all the attributes of regular study use, office chair as well as gaming chairs. 

It certainly helps me to improve the longer sitting, more productive work and brings out the real output that you cannot achieve with a simple chair. Whereas, You keep on struggling sitting comfortably, then how you can become more efficient in achieving the task.

Armrest Difference

To add on, armrest flexibility is also important. The 4D armrest allows you to lift to a particular height to make your arms more comfortable. You may find this feature not useful but actually, it is. You can realize its importance in a longer duration. 

When you sit for long hours, at one point of time, you feel a little bit lazy in raising up your arms every time. If you have the facility of 4D armrest, at that moment you realize its presence. 4D movement includes forward and backward, adjusting width, and angle positioning. The less expensive chair does not include such advanced features.

Comfortable 4D armrest

Despite all of this, this also Improves and matches the surroundings that I need to show to my friends that I am having something special and give me a real feel of pro gamers.

Final Thought of Gaming Chairs Actually Comfortable:

You can never overlook ergonomic features in gaming chairs. They are an integral part while arranging the gaming setups to improve and experience real gaming sessions. Staying comfortable while playing games, not only improves sitting hours, concentration, apart from this, you are not playing foul with your health. Talking scientifically, you are doing Investment in health, not in the gaming chair. Refusing importance may lead to serious negative health consequences steadily.

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I and We Team of Professionals with writers & editors, helps you in buying the best regularly used products. We have a massive experience of nearly a decade. Many of us have tested and reviewed hundreds of market products of gaming, Chairs, desk, electronic products, machines, etc. We love to write detailed explanations of what makes the difference. Out of the box. We all are college friends. B.Tech, M.Tech qualified.