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You cannot fool the audience these days. They are more aware than that in earlier times. If they hardly find any or no difference between other purpose chairs and a gaming chair and see it as pointless, they instantly give feedback on the internet platforms like YouTube videos, Amazon customer feedback column, Reddit, etc platforms. If they are really not worth it, then what is the purpose behind so much appreciation of gaming chairs in comparison.

They in fact leading in delivering and fulfilling the extreme expectations instead of office chairs, and other comfortable chairs. They are neither bad nor a waste of money. Gaming chair manufacturers are more conscious about building up a difference. They utilize a great sense of science and engineering in designing the structure of a good gaming chair and add up more flexibility features that you cannot see in other chairs.

They know that they cannot sell the same item with the same features at a different cost by changing the name only.

Are Gaming Chairs Bad A Waste of Money?

Long Hours Sitting

Gaming chairs are mostly known for long hours of sitting. Gaming professionals spent a good number of hours in one go. Not only this but also they are addicted to spending an equal proportion of time every day. Creators need to work to make it more special for gaming professionals.


Health matter the most. If a chair is not well equipped with features that promote healthy sitting that and no one going to purchase that gaming chair. Their S shape design with ergonomic features with the addition of recliner mechanism etc like characteristics make it more special and stands out.

As I have discussed already, in some other articles about how comfortable gaming chairs. I share my experience with other regular chairs and with the gaming chair. There is a huge difference. When it comes to offering healthy posture. Regular use chair is nowhere. I have faced bad back due to long sessions. The real cause spending several hours in front of a gaming computer.

Since after that, I am using special made gaming chairs and then I found it profitable not a waste of money. Initially, I purchased a cheap gaming chair because I want to experience it first whether I find any difference in it or not. When I realize it is quite unlike not hypothetically but practically. I wait for a month or two, thereafter I made another gaming chair with upgraded features. It cost me around 170 pounds. And really it is worth it.

How Gaming Chairs are Really Helpful?

When you closely watch s a gaming chair structure design, you will certainly notice a difference. Talking about my purchase, the gaming chair I am using has multi-feature. It is genuinely helpful to users as it contains several adjust abilities. The adjustments are not only limited to vertical up and down instead it has a good reclining mechanism (I personally recommend recline at 135 degrees) for longer hour sessions, excellent neck, shoulder, and lumbar support with cushion for protecting body muscles, extra soft padding for preventing stress-strain and to improve giving concentration.

These all feature certainly required to prevent you from severe injuries, from hunching, offers good posture, and promotes health.

Apart from this, if you avail of this chair, you can use a gaming chair for multi-purpose. It has an ergonomic executive that really throws an impression on the users. Moreover, not only to improve overall gaming experience but also not to mention a good service life. It easily goes 8 to 10 years if handle properly. This one is also a reason that you are spending good not just wasting your precious money.

How much should I spend on a gaming chair?

As far as expenses are concerned, two things you should consider initially. Firstly, the more you spend on a gaming chair, the more you profit from achieving maximum features. Manufacturers are so clever. They know on adding which feature chair price rising up. What they are offering to the users? Are users willing to spend this much amount? 

Making it more clear with an example, gaming chair maximum bearing capacity is only limited to 150 kg on average. Manufacturers know they have to plan, construct and design the gaming chair with an additional support steel frame to improve weight holding capacity. Weight capacity that is beyond 150 kg. Such chairs which can hold 200 kg to 250 kg comes under a special edition. So in this particular case, they cost additional to them which approximately within the range of 200 or 300 pounds.

Secondly, you should consider your age, height body weight. Gaming chair should be according to age group. When I bought a gaming chair I considered myself. My body weight is 90 kg and I am approximately 5 feet 9 inches in height. So I made a purchase according to this criteria.

If you overlook this feature, this will impact the service life of your gaming chair. It is equivalent to forcing your gaming chair beyond its limit. Pushing chair to hold a weight of 150 kg but has the capacity of 120 kg. It sounds unacceptable. It equals blaming a chair for not accomplishing your desire. Not only this but also, you see the creaking sound of rolling casters, maybe reclining system not support as per the expectations.

Also, If your height is not adequate, according to your overall support height then you feel uncomfortable. And thus find a not suitable product.

You can see some of the Best Gaming Chair Under £200/ £150/ and £100 UK


All in all, it is good to spend money on several features containing gaming chairs. You can never take others chairs similar to gaming ones. Practically, you will identify the problems in other purpose chairs for long sessions play. When it comes to how much you should spend. You should see your requirement. I personally suggest you begin your search with a minimum of hundred pounds and no need to go beyond 200 pounds leaving exceptions (like a big and fat guy). I am basically not much in favor of spending much on expensive chairs. It is wrong to say that you can only avail yourself of brilliant features in an expensive chair. It is not accurate. The result is it should be matched your requirement, brings satisfaction, and improves the overall gaming experience without any sense of discomfort.

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