What Does i Size Mean in Car Seats?

Looking for the ideal information about the i Size Mean in Car Seats. Don’t go anywhere. This article guides you to an accurate path. We all know that new-born babies are fragile to the surroundings. They are so sensitive that any sort of collision may lead to severe injuries. During the early ages of life, they are not physically strong enough as adults. Keeping this on priority and all such similar securing aspects, in the year 2013, the EU brought a new safety Regulation for children’s car seats. This new safety regulation is known as ‘i size’ (ECE R129).

The basic idea behind its implementation is to secure a child as much as we can from various collisions/impacts. Its design is such to keep child rear-facing + better protection from collisions.

i Size Compatible Car Seat

Car manufacturing companies give more preference as per the law to EU safety regulation during seat manufacturing. People often have a question like is my car i-size compatible? The answer is newly made i Size law has come up with certain new changes so far. Take a look at them once.

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Position and Height/ weight of children

New i Size car seats are for those children who are below 9 Kg approx. or less than 15 months old. However, If parents want,  some i size car seats allow to sit rear-facing up to the age of 4 years.

We all know children are at a developing age. Their neck, head, and other parts of the body are not so developed to confront the excessive pressure during a collision. What if they are rear-facing? In the case of a rear-facing position, as per the science laws, forces basically spread among body parts. This leads to spoiling the actual focus of pressure on a single point.

Size of the Car Seat

The next question arises is what size car seat do i need? i Size car seats are nowadays purchased or I say sold based on the height of the child. To match the dimensions of the car seat with the baby, all you need to place the baby on the floor and measure the height and other dimensions with a ruler to make a good precise estimate. This will helps you a lot to make a final decision in a single turn.

Securing from Side Impacts

Earlier, the car protection system was only been tested considering hitting the car from the front and back. They did not bother the side influences. i size now legally requires side impact protection.

ISOFIX Fitting with I size

For the time being i size needs Isofix. As per the evidence collected, in almost 75% of cases, car seats are not correctly installed. Isofix is effective and efficient to put good control over the baby during an instance of a collision. If your car seat by chance is not perfectly or accurately fitted at the exact position Isofix helps you the most at that position.

Do check out more about the Seat Fitting and Compatibility.

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  • I size car seat does not fix with every car.
  • I Size car seats have a Special logo.

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