What Office Chair is Best for Your Back?

Are you Looking answer to the Question What type of office chair is best for your back? If Yes, this article guides you to the right path. Here we go. When it comes to finding an ideal office chair for the back relief, Chair backrest plays an important role. It is commonly noticed among people that they become careless about this feature during a purchase. It should be remembered Good backrest helps to maintain a good body posture and It is equally supportive to long hours of sitting.

What kind of Office Chair is Good for Your Back?

Talking about the kind, Canadian researchers have revealed chair backrest is always critical and a good recline to 135 degrees works effectively and efficiently especially on lower body areas. It can work best for people having lower back pain. Moving further, According to the ground-breaking research done by the University of Alberta, 135 degrees can be easily taken as the ideal sitting angle to minimize disc pressure and strain on the back. This research was done over 22 participants. To conclude the percentage of body back pressure at various chair backrest angles, MRI scans were used to measure the disc pressure in the human body.

When someone asks our experts about the best kind of office chair, they say office chair with a large recline angle is best for the back pain and support.

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Need of High back or Lower Back Office Chair?

Now, next, the two questions that come into the reader’s mind are what office chair type + size do I need? and concerns about the high back and lower back office chair?

  1. Size- All in all, a good high back chair with good headrest offers more support and comfort at a 135-degree angle.
  2. Back Pain- When a person reclines, a tremendous pressure is on the neck and the head. If some recline to some good angle, the chair leaves your neck in a hanging or swinging position. Concluding, 135 degrees reclined backrest is best for back pain.

Best Office Chair – Final Words

Based on a certain analysis, in our opinion, a high back office chair that supports your upper back and even neck is much better than a lower back chair for people suffering from back pain.  

Does Kind of Lumbar Support in a Chair Actually Help?

We do recommend to go for a chair that must have adjustable lumbar support. Adjustable in a way that its firmness and position can be justified. This is all because people have different body types and being particular with single lumbar support can be worse than not having one in all.

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