Best Office Chair under 300 UK

Wondering about the Best Office Chair under 300. You are at the right place. This article guides you to an accurate path. As per scientific researches, Buying a Good chair is crucial always because you are not doing office furniture investment but an investment in health. Office chairs are more like a companion which equally supports you to sit and work for long hours conveniently. So, neglecting its importance is equals to giving chance for the happening of back injuries/aches/pain.

A Good Office chair must have some superior features like Elegant looks and design, excellent support to arms, headrest, back and butt areas. Alongside, good durability, skin-friendly, and comes up with some good period of warranty/Guarantee. We have listed excellent feedback chairs that have all the essential features a buyer needs.

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Best Office Chair under 300 UK

The best thing about the mentioned office chairs is that these all chairs have great star ratings by genuine customers you never neglect. We recommend you to read and compare the key features one by one before any final buy.

SIHOO Mesh High Back Ergonomic Office Chair

Satisfaction Star Ratings: 4.5/5 Excellent | Colour: Grey, Black | Material: Aluminium | Overall height: 110~132cm | Weight capacity: Less than 150Kg.|Warranty: 1-Year warranty +zero-profit product accessories for 1 year.

best ergonomic office chair under 300

Special Key Features

  • Perfect office chair made of aluminum (not corroded, resistance to rust). Easily goes for long years.
  • Gives you a professional look, throw impression of your appearance.
  • It can be used for home as well as in the office.
  • Works Excellent for those who have back pain.
  • Ridge backrest similar to the human spine.
  • Close-fitting To decline spinal pressure effectively.
  • Adjustable head restraint.
  • Easily keep your neck to lean and comfortable.
  • You can freely Adjust Heigh depth.
  • Excellent Adjustable lumbar support.
  • 3D adjustable armrest for different applications.
  • Support Different 90°-120° arbitrary work positions.
  • Backrest adjustment coping up with work angles.
  • 360 ° Freedom to rotate freely.
  • Mesh + Ergonomic design based on the human body dynamic digital model.
  • Seating design to perfect thigh comfortable support.
  • Durable fabric + good weight-bearing quality.
  • Silent castors move freely without noise.
  • Steady and durable Double-back-frame.
  • Strict safety quality, Cushion impact, fatigue tested.


  • Skin-friendly; perfectly align Body posture, spine support, Prevent from injuries.
  • Multiple adjust-abilities and allow you to sit for long hours.
  • Sturdy and  Good stability
  • Also, suitable for a taller person.


  • Supports only 150Kg weight.

Summary (Our Honest Opinion): This chair has achieved the top position of our list of best office chair under 300. The reason for being so good is – this chair comes up with an excellent 1-year warranty + free parts replacement and even a full refund policy. This chair returns exactly the same as what you have paid for. The elegant design gives professional look, recline and tilt functionality, superior comfort, etc. like features make it more special. The most prominent and unique feature of this chair is—it is made up of aluminum. This directly assures the users of having excellent life longevity with no corrosion (a resistance to rust).

Office Task/Boss Hippo Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Support UK

Satisfaction Star Ratings: 4.1/5 Good | Colour: Black, Blue | Material: Mesh Fabric | Overall height: 122-130 | Weight capacity: 150Kg.| Warranty: 5 years component and 2 years of fabric guarantee.

best mesh office task chair under 300

Special Key Features

  • Lumbar Support Heavy-duty desk chair.
  • Specifically, to alleviate back-ache, muscle pain.
  • Gives correct posture and the most comfortable sitting position that allows you to sit easily for a longer time.
  • Total lumbar support +height adjustable back.
  • You can manage the seat slide, depth, and arms height.
  • Skin-friendly mesh fabric to prevent moisture and improves air circulation.
  • So the well thick padded chair elevates the convenience.
  • Robust, mesh back, executive swivel chair(free to rotate to any angle) with multiple features.
  • Elegant ergonomic design approved by a certified physiotherapist.
  • Back tilt to allow a user to find a supportive position, integral lumbar support makes it exceptional.
  • ‘Anti-Shock’ facility prevents the user from being thrown forward.


  • Very Comfortable, stand up for long use.
  • A fantastic chair can be used in an office as well as at home.
  • Easy assemble and quality chair.


  • Lumbar support cannot be adjusted separately you have to unscrew back chassis.
  • Only holds a weight of 150 Kg.

Summary (Our Honest Opinion): An excellent chair for sitting for long hours. Very well made, durable chair with excellent lumbar support with a full refund policy. A good way and time to say bye-bye to pain/aches. Super supportive, extremely comfortable. This chair is a real competitor of hundreds of chairs in the market in terms of overall sitting experience. All in all, an incredible chair difficult to overlook highly recommended.

Komene Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair Under 300 UK

Satisfaction Star Ratings: 5/5 Excellent | Colour: Black | Material: Mesh Fabric + PA6 + Nylon PP+ Metal | Overall height: Adjustable (94+17cm)-(104+22cm) | Weight capacity: Less than 135Kg.|Warranty: 5-Year Guarantee +5-Year exchange the parts free of charge.

best high back office chair under 300

Special Key Features

  • High Back human-oriented ergonomic construction.
  • Intelligent Lower Back Pain Support
  • Perfectly fits the curve of the human body
  • Work excellent to make the correct sitting position.
  • Brings comfort sitting experience.
  • High-quality special breathable mesh fabric.
  • Adjustable and rotated armrest in all directions.
  • Works well to relieve the pressure on the shoulder.
  • Works well to relieve the pressure on the shoulder.
  • Multi-Functional Chair sensing gravity.
  • Adjustable with waist support.
  • Good experience for long hours of sitting.
  • Reliable and sturdy.
  • 360-degree swivel + flexible rotation + won’t scratch floor.


  • Easy assemble, Robust, very comfortable with several adjust-abilities
  • Curved backrest, lumbar support, and also Suitable for a taller person.


  • Total weight hold capacity is 135Kg Only.

Summary (Our Honest Opinion): This chair is also on our list. It comes up with 5-Year Guarantee and parts free of charge within 5 years that actually is really great. It is so well designed to support the human body’s spine and maintain the needed posture thus enabled to sit for a long duration without discomfort. Features like High-quality fabric, managerial feel/look/Impression, Lumbar/waist support, and Good tilt function force buyer to consider once and buy. Overall, a great chair worth buying having a full refund policy.

Office Chair Question/Answers Users Often Ask?

Are mesh chairs good for your back?

They are good generally made up of skin-friendly fabric.  People prefer to buy mesh chairs because they are unlike leather chairs do not leave behind sweat spots. Because of the presence of mesh tiny holes fabric, air circulation takes place very well, thus prevents moisture and perspiration. Apart from this, a chair must have strongly knitted mesh chairs. They are more fruitful. They have durability, a good life span, supportive and also very comfortable, both the seat and the back.

What is the best chair for sitting all day?

A chair with several essential adjust-abilities is best for sitting all day. Generally, Workaholics people are more inclined to buy lumbar support chairs. These chairs have a feature of erecting the spine and maintain good body posture. Thus, sufficiently decline the chances of injuries/pain/aches. They believe it is an investment in health.

The two best lumbar support chairs we personally recommend apart from above mentioned are:

Good Feature chair is multifunctional as well. One such example is– you can rotate or move around the room without scratching floors, recline and tilt function/Lock 100-135 degrees to offer optimum comfort without much stress on the back users often complain about.

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Are high back chairs better?

It totally relies on your height. If estimate, high back chairs are suitable for those buyers having a good height more than 6-feets. But, actually, nowadays, buyers do not worry about the seat height due to the availability of the backrest height adjustability features in good chairs. They manage it according to their will.

One such chair with several excellent adjustments that actually users love to buy find it here:

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