Best Desk Chair for Back Pain UK

Curious regarding finding the Best Desk Chair for Back Pain, this article contains everything you need. Many of us know well “work from home / Computer” culture compels us to sit for long hours on the chair. For a good output of work, we need proper time, effort, energy, and comfortable sitting support essentially. Above all, you need a desk chairs that are good for your back. A chair must be carefully designed readily protects our body from back pain.

An excellent chair necessarily has features like ergonomic, adjustable seat height, good reclining backrest, head-rest, and neck support, keeps you in a good posture, erects and relieves pressure from the spine, and so on.

Best Desk Chair for Back Pain UK

The following list contains the best type of desk chair for back pain sufferers and is sorted out from the thousands in the market. Support from these chairs is sufficient to accomplish the actual need of customers.

SIHOO Ergonomic Office Desk Chair Back, Hip, and Neck Pain

Sold To: 1800+ Customers | Star Ratings: 4.5/5 Excellent | Colour: Black, Orange | Material: Mesh+ metal+ steel | Overall height: 109~130cm approx | Weight capacity: less than 150 kg |Warranty: 1 year warranty

best desk chair for back and neck pain

Special Key Features

  • Two-way adjustable lumbar pillow + Fine Tuning Support with Headrest comfort
  • Excellent 90°-125°degree reclining backrest.
  • Essential adjustable backrest for multiple work positions.
  • 360°-degree swivel capability.
  • An ultra-soft comfort and resists sagging and sinking cotton cushion.
  • Ergonomic Design based on digital models research on the human body.
  • One of the Ideal chair to support the human spine.
  • The angle of the backrest is designed with excellency.
  • A well-fitting chair that helps to dramatically release spinal pressure.
  • The lower seating pad includes thigh support for long periods of use.
  • Premium Materials used for the backrest.
  • Mesh cloth with high tensile strength and breathability properties.
  • Mobility won’t scrape or scratch flooring surfaces.
  • Strict safety and quality tested, including but not limited to cushion impact tests.
  • Handrail fatigue tests, and chair-frame static pressure tests, to ensure high quality.


  • Several adjustments in a single chair and allow sitting all day long.
  • Practical and perfect for back, join, neck pain sufferers.
  • Solid, very comfortable, easy to assemble.


  • Can bear only 150 Kg.

Summary (Our Honest Opinion):  This desk chair is at the top of our list. The reason for being on the top is –It is equivalent to an investment in health. It includes several essential adjustments together that we find rarely find in any other chairs. Along with remarkable features, its warranty + full refund policy attract customers to consider without any second thought. Overall, worth to buy and easily be proven to be life changer for people having back pain.

Mfavour Ergonomic Office Work Desk Chair for Lower Back Pain

Sold To: 250+ Customers | Star Ratings: 4.5/5 Excellent | Colour: Black | Material: Mesh+ Metal+ Plastic | Overall height: 110-130 cm | Weight capacity:150 kg |Warranty: 12-month warranty

best office desk chair for back pain

Special Key Features

  • Integral lumbar support brings extra relaxation.
  • Adjustment Back angle + Headrest
  • Developed as per the human spine structure.
  • Keep your spine properly aligned with the Heavy duty office chair.
  • Essential Support to neck, shoulder, waist, and coccyx support.
  • Strong aluminum alloy base + noiseless casters.
  • Quality Chair, Durable with mesh premium fabric.
  • Comfortable to sit, High-sponge Breathable fabric.
  • Skin-friendly mesh promoting better air circulation.
  • Excellent 10cm backrest pain-free sitting experience.
  • Reclining and Lock Function included.
  • The backrest can be tilted at 90-120 degrees.
  • Lock your chair to any position and angle.
  • A sturdy steel base increases safety and stability.


  • Fantastic desk chair, Good Quality and saves your back.
  • Elegant looks, easy assemble with several adjustments.
  • Provides neck, shoulder, waist, and coccyx support.
  • Easily allows sitting for long hours.


  • Bear Only 150 Kg.

Summary (Our Honest Opinion): This is also on our top list of best desk chairs to buy. This chair is a real competitor of expensive desk chairs and practically efficient to defeat them easily. It serves those excellent features which expensive chairs deliver to you at high price. Excellent quality, lumbar, neck, and hip support including multiple adjustments compel people to buy. Overall, a perfect buy justifying price + 1 year warranty + full refund policy and you won’t be disappointed with this purchase.

Hbada Computer Desk Chair For Back Pain and Posture UK

Sold To: 450+ Customers | Star Ratings: 4.4/5 Great | Colour: Black | Material: Mesh + Nylon + Sponge | Overall height: 97 cm to 107 cm | Weight capacity:150 kg |Warranty: 1 year warranty

best computer desk chair for back pain and posture

Special Key Features

  • Work Perfectly to maintain good posture.
  • Chair Material is durable + High-Quality material is used.
  • Best desk chair user experience to relieve the hip pressure.
  • Breathable mesh + sponge+ Sturdy Base.
  • Can hold weight 150 Kg. Height 150-180cm.
  • An Ergonomic backrest design perfectly fits the human spine shape.
  • Adjustable lumbar +Strong back support to offer you comfort.
  • Fulfill the need for people of different heights.
  • A great reclining function of 90-115 to relax after work.
  • Desk chair with folded arms up 90° to save more room space.


  • Super comfortable and resolves back issues.
  • Nicely cushioned and supportive.
  • Easy assemble; you are absolutely paying for getting what you pay for.


  • Cannot hold more than 150 Kg.
  • Not Suitable for people having height more than 6 feet 2 inches.

Summary (Our Honest Opinion): An incredible space saver desk chair. This is for those who are more conscious for their pocket expenditure. A good value chair at a reasonable price. Honestly, you cannot expect good return service from any other good back saver chair below this price. This can be used for home as well as office computer desk work. Easy to assemble and very well made. It comes up with 1 year warranty+ full refund policy.  All in All, it is considered as profitable choice and leaving this chair is totally a waste.

SONGMICS Computer PC + Office Mesh Desk Chair For Back Problems UK

Sold To: 250+ Customers | Star Ratings: 4.3/5 Good | Colour: Black, Grey | Material: Polyester Mesh+ Sponge | Overall height: 101 cm to 109 cm | Weight capacity:150 kg

best ergonomic desk chair for back pain

Special Key Features

  • Affordable desk chair for back pain sufferers.
  • Superior-quality mesh fabric made of polyester.
  • Backrest design is such — simulates the curvature of the human spine.
  • Backrest with Tilt Mechanism.
  • Reduces the pressure on your spine and relieves fatigue.
  • Ergonomic Comfortable + High-density resilient sponge.
  • Breathable, Good air circulation – Ventilation.
  • Safe and Durable + Excellent waist support.
  • Height can be adjusted from 101 cm to 109 cm.
  • More stable and safe to sit.
  • Aging resistant and has a long service life.
  • Beautiful look with the foldable armrest
  • An ideal piece for home and office.


  • Excellent built quality, super comfortable, and sturdy.
  • Easy to assemble, Can be used for office and home tasks.
  • Supportive and Decline back issues, say bye-bye to lower back pain.


  • So far not with warranty
  • No tilt/ recline functionality.
  • Can bear only 150 Kg

Summary (Our Honest Opinion): A lightweight comfortable chair at an affordable price. Its features like ergonomic, allowing Long hours sitting, soft mesh backrest to improve air circulation (prevent moisture), elegant look; back support make it unique from the other same price chairs. Overall, it will be a glad purchase, fits to the actual purpose, and perfectly suitable for buyers having back-aches + refund policy.

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