Best Office Chair under £100 UK

If you are here for the Top Best Office Chair under £100. Don’t go anywhere. This article will guide you on the right path. let’s get started. We all know, Every profession needs time. No matter whether you are an employee or a boss, to keep running everything at a good pace, you need to sit for long hours. The best office chair is one which not only equipped with multifunctional features also must be budget-friendly we mean affordable cost (under £100) including the accomplishment of your actual necessity.

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Best Office Chair under £100 UK

There are numerous chairs in the market that are under the cost of 100 pounds but the best are the only a few. When it comes to select the best, the best always been preferred by everyone. Don’t worry, we have listed the best office chairs having excellent genuine customer feedback and high satisfaction star ratings. We recommend you to compare the features first with your need and must-read summary then go for the final purchase.

Requena Mesh Lumbar Back Support Office Chair UK

Sold To: 90+ Customers | Star Ratings: 4.5/5 Excellent | Colour: Black, Grey | Material: Mesh | Overall height:  89-99.5cm approx | Weight capacity: 136Kg

best office chair under 100 for back pain

Special Key Features

  • An ergonomic curved chair as per the spine shape supports ideally to your body.
  • Very comfortable sitting experience with several adjustments. A great way to release your waist fatigue.
  • It is designed for long service use, its soft high-density sponge shaping strongly permeable for more circulation of air prevents moisture gathering.
  • Reliable chair with excellent backrest reclined and locked from 90 to 120 degrees for a good working, gaming for long hours.
  • Flippable armrest to protect, relax your elbows designed as per human arms orientation. a space-saving chair.
  • Strong durable backrest mesh to say no to sweating with improved ventilation.
  • The armrests are high strength plastic resistant to temperature and deformation.
  • Use of High-quality, and durable base, more solid and reliable.
  • Non-scratching 360 degrees rotating nylon casters.
  • See Details More…


  • Great Quality Chair equally stylish + comfortable. A great value of money. Worth to buy.
  • Can be used as an office as well as a “home office” chair.
  • Prevent aches, great for posture, and spine alignment.
  • Strongly build and easy assemble.


  • More suitable for a person whose height is less than 6 feet.
  • Only Bear weight of 136Kg.

Summary (Our honest Opinion): We personally recommend this chair to you. There are three genuine reasons for selecting this chair as best. Firstly, it has a good customer feedback + full refund policy which we hardly see in any other chair under this price. Secondly, This chair is definitely competing with those other expensive chairs by serving features like them. Lastly, perfectly suitable for maintaining very good posture and spine alignment which every user demands. Overall, it will be a very good purchase because the chair has quality, value, several essential adjustments, and long sitting comfort.

Amoiu Mesh Height Adjustable Office Chair With Back Support and Headrest

Sold To: 160+ Customers | Star Ratings: 4.3/5 Great | Colour: Grey | Material: Mesh + Fabric | Overall height: 120 cm-129 cm | Weight capacity:136 kg

Best Height Adjustable Office Chair Under 100 UK

Special Key Features

  • A comfortable good value quality office chair. Very easy to put together. A great way to spend a long time in a single sitting.
  • It is so designed S shape capable of improving posture, works, adjusts according to your waist, headrest position. Efficient in bringing relaxation during work.
  • This chair includes an ergonomic design, adjustable overall height which gives you a feel of a manager.
  • The cost is under £100. This chair is also with a skin-friendly backrest. Mesh fabric prevents you to get sweating in every climate/summer.
  • With adjustable armrest and reclining functioning, solid durability components with good castor’s make it capable of handling 136Kg, tested for explosion-proof gas lift.
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  • Lightweight, durable, support for longer hours.
  • Excellent back-support looks appealing.
  • Easy to assemble, comfortable more than expected.
  • Suitable for a taller person also.


  • Did not find any suitable to explain properly. The only thing is it bears only 300 pounds of sitting weight.

Summary (Our honest Opinion):  The reason why we have selected this chair best because it contains certain features that are included in chairs in a price range of £150. Excellent made skin-friendly, breathable feature with a height-adjustability, good lumbar back, and head support make it to consider many times. If you decide to buy this chair, then this has the ability not to disappoint you.

COMHOMA Computer Mesh Office Desk Chair  £100

Sold To: 200+ Customers | Star Ratings: 4.4/5 Great | Colour: Black, Grey | Material:  Breathable Mesh Material | Overall height: 120 cm+ | Weight capacity:130 kg

 best mesh office chair under 100 uk

Special Key Features

  • An excellent chair under 100 Pounds throws the Manager like impression.
  • Ergonomic design with Curved backrest.
  • Maintains the perfect line up of the human body line.
  • Maintains the needed body posture ideally thus decline the overall fatigue.
  • A good lumbar support system with next-level comfort.
  • Thick padded back + seat provides extra support for long hour sitting work.
  • Skin-friendly breathable mesh back for greater circulation flow.
  • Height-adjustable + tilt to relax your body more.
  • A Good Support base for greater durability and stability.
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  • Good Quality cushioned arms rest and lumbar support.
  • Maintains good posture of the user to avoids aches/pains.
  • Fairly easy assemble and good sturdy.
  • Looks good and suitable for long hours sitting.


  • Bear a maximum weight of 130Kg.
  • Arms are of limited length.
  • Not Suitable for People more than 6 feet height.

Summary (Our honest Opinion):  A Top-notch value of money chair with raised, lowered, tilt back, lock, and equipped with other functionalities. You can even use this chair with or without arms. This chair can be easily adjustable to smaller spaces. We recommend this if you are from those who care about the price most because it is not wrong to say a perfect chair within the limited price in terms of style, long hours sitting, posture support, and value with a refund or exchange Policy.

FLEXISPOT Ergonomic Office Chair under £100 UK

Sold To: 90+ Customers | Star Ratings: 4.2/5 Excellent | Colour: Black, Blue, Smoke | Material:  Mesh fabric + Plastic | Overall height: 120 cm approx | Weight capacity:150 kg

best Ergonomic home office chair uk under £100

Special Key Features

  • An ergonomic chair under 100 pounds made with full functionality that makes a user sit comfortably, work for a long duration without much hassle.
  • Excellent sitting experience and economical performance. The purchase of this chair sufficiently satisfies the buyer as per the budget
  • Strong back, good seat surface. Provides proper support to elbows, shape/curvature of the buttocks and thighs.
  • Good quality mesh material is used to prevent any season sweating stickiness and spots, improves air circulation, and breathability.
  • Suitable for home, office working environment. It is so designed to save space. It’s a daily use chair.
  • Sufficiently beat other quality chairs at this price offers the fulfillment of the expectation.
  • Color variations with a maximum bearing capacity of 150 kg.
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  • Solid back support, long sitting, easy to assemble, a good investment.
  • Superior comfort, much more comfortable comparing other expensive chairs.
  • Space-saving, for regular use, suitable for a home, office.


  • Can hold a max weight of only 150 Kg

Summary (Our honest Opinion):  A chair practically competing for the level of comfort with other expensive chairs. It perfectly suits to budget and widely recommended for regular use– the home as well as the office environment. Great lumbar, head support, and economical performance make it special. Overall, a purchase never disappointing with a full refund policy.

IntimaTe WM Heart High-Back Ergonomic Office Chair Under 100 UK

Sold To: 75+ Customers | Star Ratings: 4.6/5 Excellent | Colour: Black | Material: Faux Leather | Overall height: 116 cm to 125 cm | Weight capacity: 150 kg

best office chair for tall person uk

Special Key Features

  • Perfect Ergonomic Office Chair With Arms
  • High-quality and eco-friendly PU material
  • Durable, soft, breathable, and comfortable.
  • High Back Office Chair for Tall Person also.
  • The use of a High-density sponge prevents the seat from collapse.
  • Synchro-Tilt Mechanism.
  • Best Price under 100.
  • 360 Degree Swivel.
  • Excellent Comfortable Large space Sitting.
  • No discomfort and offers you to sit for longer duration.
  • Super nylon chair legs and certified gas lift
  • Bear weight to 150kg.
  • Ideal for a heavy person also.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Wet cloth needed to wipe up the dirt.
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  • One of the Best chair at this price.
  • Fabulous Comfort-ability for Long hours sitting.
  • Prevents aches and pains.
  • Easy to assemble, excellent service, and product. 
  • Suitable for every height person. Even taller ones (more than 6ft 5).


  • Little tilted function.
  • Can hold only a weight of 150 Kg.

Summary (Our honest Opinion):  Once again, This is actually never less than any other decent chair. The reason why we have marked this chair as best because it has a suitable promising feature– no pain and no aches, for all-day sitting. This actually gives you the real value of every penny you have spent. The most considerable thing in this chair is the high customer satisfaction rate and good functionality comparing other countless chairs with a refund or exchange Policy.

Cherry Tree Furniture Executive Office Chair

Sold To: 3000+ Customers | Star Ratings: 4.3/5 Great | Colour: Blue, Red, Blue, Cream, Grey, Black | Material: Sumptuous Velvet Fabric | Overall height: 112 cm to 122 cm | Weight capacity: 250 lbs

best ergonomic office chair under £100 uk

Special Key Features

  • If you want a professional-looking chair with comfort then it can easily be considered as a perfect price chair under 100.
  • Excellent Extra Padded Office Chair with plenty of adjustments.
  • This can hold a maximum weight of 113 Kg (250lbs).
  • Splendid and expensive-looking upholstered office chair.
  • 360° Swivel pneumatic seat.
  • Flippable arms look great and Highly Comfortable.
  • Excellent Lumbar and back support if you are not more than 113 Kg.
  • Good Padding to provide superior comfort.
  • You can adjust the height of the seat as per needs.
  • Independent Adjustment of Seat Back.
  • Recline Function + Locked in Tilted Position.
  • Easy to follow instructions to Join or assemble.
  • See Details More…


  • The elegant design brings a professional look to your place.
  • Comfortable sitting and easy to put together.
  • Perfectly suitable for even taller ones (more than 6ft 5).


  • Limited recline functionality.
  • Does not accommodate more than 113Kg.

Summary (Our honest Opinion):  This chair is also marked as one of the best on our list. It has the highest sales over certain months. If you want a specifically well designed and professional looking chair under 100 pounds this can be an ideal choice. Being extra padded this is a comfortable chair that allows you to sit for long hours easily. Overall, looks and comfort exceptionally justifying price with refund or exchange Policy.

SONGMICS Ergonomic Office Chair Heavy Duty UK

Sold To: 140+ Customers | Star Ratings: 4.6/5 Excellent | Colour: Black | Material:  PU + organic polymer foam + plastic parts | Overall height: 112cm-122cm | Weight capacity:150 kg

best office chair under 100 pounds Uk

Special Key Features

  • Excellent chair made of high-quality polyester fabric with ergonomic design.
  • Maintain correct body posture, ample space to support the back, and lumbar.
  • High-density resilient sponge + Curvature to support the human spine and waist.
  • A Soft seat and superior comfort and lumbar support.
  • Does not get deform even after a long term of use.
  • Made of high-quality materials, the material is ageing resistant and has a long service life.
  • Elegant look with upgraded quality assurance, like armrests, tray, and wheels foldable arms, space saver also.
  • Ideal office chair suitable for both home as well as office.
  • Reclining Function to lock and tilt 90 to 105 Degrees.
  • The screws lock itself to avoid loosening even after long use.
  • The wheel and each type of screw has a spare
  • See Details More…


  • Smart Looking comfortable chair, Good Padding, and Base support.
  • A chair of good quality brings Professional Look.
  • Adequate to prevent aches and pains.
  • Good Price, Easy to assemble, and Good back Support.


  • Not suitable for more than 6 feet in height.
  • Only bear 150Kg weight.
  • The backrest can not be changed independently.

Summary (Our honest Opinion): This chair is also best on our list. A good ergonomic sturdy chair helps you to work for long hours. You can use this office chair for multipurpose like Business meetings, meeting room, and home office. You will find this chair adequate to solve issues like back pain and aches. Overall, this is a good choice justifying chair with a refund or exchange Policy.

Yaheetech Home Office Chair UK

Sold To: 200+ Customers | Star Ratings: 4.2/5 Good | Colour: Black, Pink, White | Material: Faux Leather | Overall height: 86cm-100cm | Weight capacity:120 kg

 best home office chair uk under £100

Special Key Features

  • Ideal for those who want a chair under 100 Pounds.
  • Perfect for both home and office commercial purposes.
  • It’s Sturdy made of a solid metal frame.
  • Large diameter chair base.
  • High durability rolling wheels.
  • Chair Base is Galvalinsed to avoid rusting.
  • Safe and extra strong support.
  • Hold Weight capacity up to 120kg/264.6lb.
  • Comfortable to sit.
  • Provide good back support and reduces pains
  • Allow you to work for a long time.
  • Skin-friendly stylish armrests
  • Release stress on your shoulders and give you added comfort.
  • 5 noise-canceling multidirectional wheels.
  • Smooth wheels allow you to move it easily
  • Wheels to avoid scratching your floor.
  • See Details More…


  • Stylish, Super comfortable, straight forward assemble.
  • If you are an average weight and height person, you will be happy with this purchase.


  • No recline function and smaller arm-rests.
  • Not suitable for overweight and taller people (not more than 5 feet 7 inches).
  • Weight capacity only 120Kg.

Summary (Our honest Opinion):  A stylish comfortable Lovely home office chair for medium weight people with refund or exchange Policy. Easily support even after 8 hours of working in one turn. We have discovered that if you are heavy enough you may struggle to find back and bum convenience and support.

What’s More and Similar

Office Chairs Guide With Question/Answers

How much should you spend on an office chair?

Commonly noticed that people’s expenditure depends on two things. First is– how much time they spend on sitting every week and another one is their health condition. If you are more vulnerable to posture, backaches, pain, and so on and have to sit for long hours, then you must spend well on buying the essential office chair. Apart from this, different featured chairs are available in the market at different costs. You can spend according to yourself.

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Is it better to have an office chair with or without arms?

Why only restrict to the armrest, It is always good to have maximum features in a chair. This increases overall working efficiency. Having armrests in an office chair allows you to relax, support your arms. In addition to this, it also elevates the overall look of the chair that is essential as per office demand.

How often should you replace your office chair?

Normally, an office chair goes 4-5 years easily. At first purchase, people spend more to have a good one so as not to replace quickly. Apart from this, If a chair causes pain to you, unable to support you need, not having sufficient adjust-abilities such as lumbar support, reclining position, and so on. It may be time to switch/replace the office chair.

Why are desk chairs so expensive?

Best desk chairs are expensive because they are well facilitated with necessary features. They are not only having good carrying weight capacity but also have functionality like adjustable armrest, Backrest, recline function, good Lumbar support, maintain proper posture, 360 rotate, ergonomic design, and so on. All in all, a good desk chair allows you to sit comfortably to do work for longer hours.

Most Purchased Afforadable desk chair (Our Top Pick) SIHOO Desk Chair

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How do I choose a good computer chair?

Well, how good a computer chair totally depends upon the health influences. Also, there are several essential features to look at including ergonomic one. People are often more concerned about their health when selecting the right chair. For them, It is important to have a feature that actually prevents back strain. For this, Good Lumbar support helps you the most. Other Important computer chair features are adjustable features(height/arms/back etc), base, wheels, fabric, and more…

Adjustments: Good computer office chairs have at least 5 adjustment levels and can go up to 14 different levels based on the prices. Important adjustments are lumbar support, arm and height, seat width and height, recline back angles, and tension control. 

Base: Apart from this, another thing to consider is the base of the chair. It is quite crucial, pricy computer chairs have excellent durability and are capable of holding the maximum weight.

Wheels: Almost all chairs have Rolling wheels, rolling wheels specifically be made as per the carpet. It helps to prevent scratches when moving to reach the far placed items.

Fabric: Fabric is also a matter of consideration. Fabric must be breathable to prevent getting excessive hot or perspiration which makes sitting uncomfortable. Mesh is the most preferred.

Are ergonomic chairs worth it?

Without a shadow of a doubt, ergonomics chairs are worth it. When users want to buy a chair for work, not only they remain careful about the chair’s impact on health but also consider design or ergonomics. They take these two factors as prominent. Both of these factors make people efficient and equally productive in their working environment. Chairs lacking with ergonomic features cause back strain, leg discomfort, and carpal tunnel etcetera to the users. So, it is good to have ergonomic chairs to prevent injuries.

Are mesh back office chairs good?

Chairs having mesh fabric are often considered good as mostly they are skin-friendly. With mesh backrest, chairs help them to avoid getting excessive sweat. Backrest made up of network threading is always helpful to have enough cushion to support. This allows sitting for long hours.

You can view best mfavour Office Chair mesh chair Here

Do I need a headrest on my office chair?

If you are in a habit of spending long hours in front of the computer or sitting in the office, then you must need a chair with a good headrest. This helps you to maintain focus on the task you are attempting. A better office chair headrest means offering better posture. It prevents hunching forward, scrunching your shoulders, and prevent having pressure on your back.

It can also be helpful when you take a break from your work and want to have a good nap. Being ergonomic, your chair has reclining adjustability, when you lay down; the headrest supports your head and declines your neck pain/pressure which you may feel earlier lately.

What is the difference between a task chair and an office chair?

Definitely, there is a difference in the task chair as well as an office chair. Task chairs are often considered as bad because mostly they are simple in design and lack of essential features. They can or cannot be used regularly for sitting long hours with the same single posture They may become the reason for having injuries. Whereas, office chairs are specially designed in care of long term everyday use. Manufacturers carry different point of view. They include different adjust-abilities and a lot more factors that a user essentially need.

Are office chairs bad for your back?

Good office chairs are not bad at all. They are so well designed to support the body back. Users who want to buy a chair especially for their back problem must care about the lumbar support. A good mesh backrest with different adjust-abilities including recline function to tilt backward is often considered good. Recline functionality decline the back pressure and provide optimum support to maintain good posture.

Is a hard chair better for your back?

People find that a well-padded chair with a number of adjust-abilities better than a hard chair. Hard Chair tends to cause strain on the back, neck, shoulder, and joints. For good back support– adjustable height, lumbar support plays an indispensable role. Whereas, hard chairs often lack needed features.

Do mesh chairs wear out?

It totally depends upon the fabric and how strong it is knitted. A tightly woven mesh retains the shape and takes years to wear out. Unlike, leather or other fabric, it does not get ripped easily. Mesh Chairs do not get shabby easily with sweat stains. No such cleaning is necessary. Mesh is quite generally like and used by people. Its comfort has increased due to improvements in mesh weave technology.

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