Best Office Chair for Tall Person UK
Office Chairs Warranty Recline Weight Capacity Material
SONGMICS High Back Office Chair for Tall Person UK Full Refund Policy Little Bit 150 KG Metal + Nylon + Fabric
SNOVIAY Ergonomic Home Office Back Support Computer Chair UK 1 year Guarantee + Full refund Policy 90 ~ 120 ° 127 KG Metal + Mesh + Polyurethane
INTEY Ergonomic Executive Mesh High Back Office Chair for Tall person with Back Pain 2 year warranty + Full refund Policy 90 ~ 122 ° 115 KG Mesh +Leather+ Metal

If you are here for finding the Best Office Chair for Tall Person, there is no need to go anywhere else. This article guides you on the right path. Tall people often struggle to sit comfortably on an average chair with limited height. Including this, some office chairs also fail to deliver healthy posture support. To work for long hours every day, users need a good high back office chair with numerous essential adjustability/features to prevent issues like back pain and so on. which the below-mentioned chairs have. These are available at an affordable price and great competitors of other expensive chairs in the market.

Best Ergonomic Office Chair for Tall Person UK

Getting the perfect ergonomic office chair for your tall person is one of those things that can make a huge difference to their productivity and overall well-being. When you use the following listed chair practically, then you probably understand how important and what role they play to accomplish requirements. We recommend you to take time and compare the features with each other before any final decision.

SONGMICS High Back Office Chair for Tall Person UK

Sold To: 400+ Customers | Star Ratings: 4.5/5 Excellent | Colour: Black | Material: Nylon, Fabric  | Overall height: 120-137 cm approx | Weight capacity: 150 kg | Warranty: Full refund Policy

best office chair for big and tall person

Features of this chair

A chair that brings an executive feel, I would say the chair is ideal for a taller person. It is made up of excellent stitched PU leather meeting all manufacturing standards. Very well padded to allow you to sit comfortably all day long. To add on, another appreciating long-lasting nylon rolling caster works noiselessly and smoothly.

In addition to this, a person’s height may differ so in this case, it has three different headrest adjustable positions similar to a car seat. Yes, it takes 15 to 30 minutes of assembling but its working life and satisfaction ratio is a breeze. There is no doubt it does not have an extreme reclining function but can accommodate fulfill requirements you are expecting.

Why should you consider this chair?

This chair turned out to be worth it for the user’s who are tall enough. You will be glad to experience it. With so many ergonomic features, this chair easily overtakes other office chairs easily in terms of sturdy, stability, posture support features. It was effective to decline fatigue during long working hours. All these features increase a great overall performance score. However, this chair is not with reclining feature. If the manufacturer adds this feature to the SONGMICS chair, this chair becomes a practical capable competent of other expensive ones.

Moving further, it probably includes a space-saving feature as it has flippable arms. One of the Amazon users has feedback “she was wondering a good chair for his tall 6′ 5 feet broad husband, end up search here”. Apart from this, how you can refuse floor-friendly aspect, roller casters are made up of nylon move silently.

SNOVIAY Ergonomic Home Office Back Support Computer Chair UK

Sold To: 100+ Customers | Star Ratings: 4.3/5 Great | Colour: Black | Material: Polyurethane+ Metal | Overall height: accomodate easily 6’3 + feet | Weight capacity: 127 kg | Warranty: 1 year Guarantee + Full refund Policy

best ergonomic office chair for tall person UK

Features of this chair

Based on the features of this chair comes with four different prices. An ergonomic office chair that really supports head back, neck, and hands with superb number accommodation. An ideal chair for long hours sitting. Efficient in protecting posture relieving pressure on the spine. I particularly like its health support feature. A chair easily achieves your expectation as it has folding arms, great adjustable height, high-pressure gas lift with an adjustable footrest. This is great quality and comfortable chair for the price with lots of adjustabilities even for a tall and heavy person like me. Metal legs and frame are welcome as the chair feels more sturdy than ones made from plastic and the body that is made from plastic still feels strong and firm.

Why should you consider this chair?

Users often have different choices regarding the chair fabric. SNOVIAY office chair fabrication is quite different from the SONGMICS office chair. It is made up of mesh, quite breathable, escapes you from back sweat spots which you do not avail in SONGMICS as the fabric is of leather. This does not mean leather is bad. Leather brings a more comfortable luxury like feel if you are more particular to that then you should have a choice to buy that chair.

Moreover, the feature we like more about this chair that it comes with one year of guarantee. Yes, you heard right, Guarantee. This specially designed chair is not only shorter or medium-size users also perfectly acceptable and matches broad, tall people. You can easily adjust the seat depth according to your own preferences or circumstances.

Another thing that makes this different from SONGMICS is the reclining mechanism. It has a proper 90 to 120-degree recline so as to relax more that further accommodate 4 to 6 hours of easy work sitting. Apart from these certain characteristics, some are similar to the SONGMICS chair like neck lumber, head, hands support.

INTEY Ergonomic Executive Mesh High Back Office Chair for Tall person with Back Pain

Sold To: 13+ Customers | Star Ratings: 4.7/5 Excellent | Colour: Black | Material: Leather + Mesh Chair  | Overall height: 123-133 cm approx | Weight capacity: 115 kg | Warranty: 2 year warranty with full refund Policy

best home office chair for tall person UK

This is the third office chair with mesh fabric not so similar features to SONGMICS. It has an almost equivalent reclining mechanism to SNOVIAY. In our experience, this high back office chair tends to be not so sturdy, stable, compared with the other two chairs if it is handled by a broader or heavy person.

In addition to this, the plus point is – its nylon roller not only protects your floor from potential scratches but also moves 360 free silently. It has the features to keep you in a healthy posture, keep you properly align as equivalent to motivation by a companion to stay active at work. Despite all the facts, it has limited load capacity to be a weight. Yet, affordable in price but before that, you should match your measurement with this INTEY office chair whether it goes with you or not. If you are from those who are particularly taller and broader than a normal person like me, it is good to spend more not to get disappointed later.

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