Best Gaming Chair under £150 UK

The market is flooded with thousands of gaming chairs from very low prices to high costs claiming each as the best. What’s the chair difference and benefit with a variable cost? Keeping concise, actually, with the rise of price, features of gaming chairs also get enhanced with several essential and necessary upgraded adjustments. This is the real reason behind the variable cost. If you are here for finding the Best Gaming Chair under £150, you need not to worry, you will end up a suitable and good purchase.

Best Ergonomic Gaming Chair under £150 UK

Definitely, it is not so easy to find and pick the best and most suitable one. We have sorted out a few best and recommend gaming chairs with all essential and regular needed features and are the real competitors of several other chairs. Take a look at them one by one and compare them with each other.

Comparison Chart of Gaming Chair Under 150 UK

Gaming ChairReclineSupportWarrantyWeight Capacity
PULUOMIS High Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair For Posture With Footrest UK90~150°Lumbar, Neck, HeadFull Refund Policy150 Kg
YOURLITEAMZ Racing Gaming PC Chair with Footrest For Back Pain UK90~150°Lumbar, Neck, HeadFull Refund Policy150 Kg
Hbada Ergonomic High Back Computer Chair with Footrest For a Posture and Pain90~155°Lumbar, Neck, Head1 Year Warranty +Full Refund Policy180 Kg

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PULUOMIS High Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair For Posture With Footrest UK

Sold To: 1700+ Customers | Star Ratings: 4.5/5 Excellent | Colour: Black, Grey, Purple, Red, White | Material: Faux leather + Aluminium Frame | Seat height: 118.6 cm -125.7 cm | Weight capacity:150 kg | Warranty:  Full Refund Policy.

best gaming chair for back pain UK

This gaming chair is on the best list for the longest time. This is a professional-looking gaming chair specifically designed and developed for adult professional game players and workers. Thick padded brings ultra comfort sitting elevates the overall gaming experience with multiple adjustments. However, Yes, it’s good a full refund policy is available but the manufacturer should offer warranty period to take customer in more buying confidence.

Moreover, good design ergonomic feature, in-built reclining adjustments with an angle to 150 degrees helps you to disperse body fatigue. This attribute allows users to stay active, more productive, and in efficient mode while playing games. Its effective lumbar support keeps you attempting gaming sessions regularly. Furthermore, a person like me is more conscious regarding floor scratching. Its unique design, anti-scratching feature, non-slippery, and smooth-rolling are best for me.

YOURLITEAMZ Racing Gaming PC Chair with Footrest For Back Pain UK

Sold To: 900+ Customers | Star Ratings: 4.5/5 Excellent | Colour: 2 Styles + Black, Grey, Purple, Red, White | Material: Faux leather + Frame | Seat height: 118.6 cm -125.7 cm | Weight capacity: 150 kg | Warranty:  30 days return guarantee and lifetime broke part replacement guarantee.

best gaming chair for back pain under 150 UK

A finely constructed computer gaming chair is under the cost of 150 pounds. Just like the PULUOMIS gaming chair, it is also a choice of professionals. Thick padded, lumbar and neck cushion capable of preventing back pain, posture deteriation due to regular sitting game playing. You can use this ergonomic gaming for multi-purpose such as work, gaming, rest, etc. However, the recommended weight holding capacity is 150 kg only. We believe in order to improve the service life, you should not force this gaming chair to bear more than 100 kg. If you do it so, then you may go for complaint its feature for being not supportable as supposed.

Admittedly you cannot find much difference in good roller casters similar to PULUOMIS. YOURLITEAMZ Computer gaming Chair casters are floor-friendly, noiseless, stable in movement, of good quality material. All this feature adds up to make it more special for professionals and regular game players.

Hbada Ergonomic High Back Computer Chair with Footrest For a Posture and Pain Under 150

Sold To: 1300+ Customers | Star Ratings: 4.3/5 Excellent | Colour: Black, Grey, Blue, Red, White | Material: Leatherette, nylon | Seat height: Perfect for 5.2′ – 6 +’ height | Weight capacity:150 kg | Warranty:  1 Year Warranty, free replacement of damages, 30 days return

best ergonomic pc gaming chair UK

A broader large surface area of gaming chair suitable for tall big game lovers. Similar to the other two gaming chairs, this also comes with a lumbar and neck cushion to protect you from cervical back pain and other similar issues. However, we like the facility most in this gaming chair when comparing with the other two is its free replacement of parts for 1 year in case of damage are faulty apart from a full refund Policy.

Moving further, high back effectively and efficiently keep your back properly align with equal support to the neck and back. You can use this gaming chair in three different modes active working, resting, and reading mode. Being incredibly comfortable additional features of anti-collapse thick sponge offers increases service life and gaming experience.

Again here, giving priority to floor protection, this gaming chair moves freely without noticing, provides more stability and durability that further ensure longevity. In addition to this, the reclining function matters the most while picking up a professional gaming chair. This has acquired the best position on a list.

Best Gaming Chair Under 150 Question/ Answers FAQ

Can a gaming chair support posture?

The best chairs always consciously made to remain health-friendly. All these mentioned chairs are equally helpful to care posture, lumbar support, longer sitting, etc. To improve it more headrest and lumbar cushions are additionally provided you can use or remove them according to your circumstances.

Does every gaming chair fits every body type?

Each chair has its own manufacturing diemsions. Manufacturers adds up the adjust ability feature in gaming chairs to accommodate every weight and height person. You should compare that chair depth and height with your requirement some chairs suggest to sit cross legs to whereas other do not. It totally rely on the length and the legs length.