Are Mesh Back Office Chairs Good?

Office chairs are the part and parcel of our life that we use regularly. Along with the important aspects like posture support, good service life, multiple adaptabilities, ergonomic features, etc. It is crucial to consider the type of fabric of the office chair which we are going to buy. Having a good knowledge about this particular aspect allows us to reach a satisfactory decision. Few things signify mesh back of an office chair is good or not:

  1. Mesh Cloth Type
  2. Combination of Mesh Padding together.
  3. Hard or Soft Mesh Performance
  4. Cleaning/Maintenance Way

Are Mesh Back Office Chairs Good?

The point that generates a substantial amount of sales is breathability. Mesh fabric allows free air circulation, manufacturers tend to convince and make you sense outstanding like no other. Studies have shown women are more in favour of using mesh fabric chairs. Women find themselves more productive when more cooler whereas men are more productive when feeling more comfortable, warmer. This can be accomplished with the availability of multi-adjustments in a high-end chair.

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Mesh Cloth Type

There are mainly three different ways to fabricate mesh fabric on office chairs.  The first-way manufacturer use is in which no padding is used. There is only strongly Knitted mesh on the seat as well as on the back. The second way is– padded is included in the seat but not in the backrest and the third way is in which extreme padding is used on the backrest as well as on the seat. To make everything better, they care technique of construction.


Technology has so much developed that natural as well as man-made materials can be easily synthesized. Material like PVC, nylon, polypropylene, polyethylene like material can cause skin irritation but not a similar situation in the case of every user. Quite a fact that skin face irritation also rely when skin directly in contact with the mesh fabric.

How long do mesh office chairs last

When you experience an office chair practically, you will come to the conclusion that the mesh office chair you are using can be too soft or too hard. This really makes a difference between a high-end chair and a lower and chair. Here is a point manufacturer’s care of when constructing mesh office chair. This factor decides how long the mesh office chair lasts.

Making it more clear, an average weight and height person, find soft mesh more comfortable during the initial period of time, feel smoother which creates space to set in a more comfortable position. Steadily, unlike good quality hard mesh chairs, soft starts sagging that ends with the replacement of a seat or a whole chair.

In addition to this, soft mesh remains poor in proper dispersion of weight over the entire seat. This creates uneven folding points on an office chair backrest/seat and can lead to pain, discomfort, etc. When considering the hard mesh, its performance is quite consistent and the level of comfort stays stable with the period of time. It also prevents you from feeling floating while sitting on a chair, which doesn’t mean that you feel too hard. It remains unnoticed when sitting on the surface of the seat.

Clean a mesh office chair

Regular use product needs to clean with time. A well-padded mesh can be easily dusted with a vacuum. But if you clean it with a piece of paper, towel, or a napkin, then all these things is not going to help you. When you rub on the mesh fabric, it will shred the paper product. On the other hand, if you rub with a piece of cloth towel or similar item it makes rougher. Scrubbing is not an option. To get rid of the smell/odor from the office chair, you find some good home remedies in the mentioned link.

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